Profile / Mission / Vision

Who we are?

Madhyanchal Forum, founded in 1996, is a network of organizations working on a range of issues such as local governance, climate change, livelihoods and sustainable agriculture and nutrition in six states- Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The idea was to provide a platform to these organizations for collective actions on these issues and create a space for exchange of ideas and alternatives development actions. Over the years, It has successfully intensified cooperation for social change, democratization of all public institutions and develop local capacities to garner support for poor and marginalised. Madhyanchal Forum also aims at bringing development promoters/actors, academicians, and policy makers together to explore strategic Intervention in key areas of common concern and issues at state level.
In a journey spanning over 20 years, the Forum has left its footprints on issues of vital significance such as water, forest rights, drought, flood, BPL, GM seeds, MGNREGA, RTI, PRIs etc and established a strong collectives, CBO networks and Peoples’ Organisations at micro and macro level. Madhyanchal Forum was formally registered on May 26 May 2005 under Madhya Pradesh Society Registration Act, 1973 and set up a secretary at state level to function with coordinated efforts. It has 12 founder member organizations, 10 associate member organizations and 182 collaborative NGOs in its fold. All micro and macro level initiatives have given a perspective to the member organizations for development through collective sharing of each intervention at Forum and as a result developed a shared vision for common cause.


  • To develop common understanding around issues of common concern among voluntary organizations (VOs), people’s organizations (POs) & establish coordination.

  • To promote an effective and capable network of VOs
  • To organize training & capacity building programmes for perspective and skills development of social organizations.
  • To work for community rights and make the VOs sensitive towards it.
  • To organize training, workshops & seminars for capacity building of VO’s Staff.
  • To create awareness and disseminate information & knowledge on the issues of poverty among CBOs, POs, VOs & like-minded institutions.
  • To promote self-reliance and sustainability among the poor and their organizations  
  • To promote gender mainstreaming with partners and other stakeholders.
  • To facilitate & extend support for issue based networking of CBOs.
  • To conduct research and study on different issues promoting the interests of the marginalised.
  • To work on capacity enhancement, studies & research to promote achieve self-reliance.


Our Mission

Develop a value based society, which relies on the principles of equity, justice, participation, ownership, transparency, and democratic decision making at the grassroots and build people’s institutions especially among marginalized and weaker sections.

Our Vission

"A sovereign self-reliant society which upholds human dignity"


  • Perspective and capacity building for institution strengthening
  • Networking, alliance building, advocacy and lobbying
  • Research, study and publication